Travis Worthy

August 2012
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation: Lead singer, Soul Function
What I like:  I like to listen to people and help them, any way within reason and my power.
What I hate: People who are narrow minded and refuse to grow–times are changing!  Also I hate when a guy wears a Rolex, enjoys fine dining, has a beautiful woman and wears a cheap suit. That’s ridiculous.
Signature items: Blue or gray suit. Hiltl khakis. Brown accessories. Blazer.
Signature LOOK: During the day it’s T-shirt and jeans. When hanging out at night, it’s a button down and jeans with nice shoes.
STYLE IS: whatever you make it, just don’t act like you know you have it when you really don’t. Yes, it can be expensive, but buy classic pieces and you will never be uncertain about your look.
Beauty is: seven inches below the collar bone—your heart!

Custom suit by Southwick.
Seaward and Stearn of London tie.
Burberry pocket square.
Custom Herringbone shirt.
Martin Dingman belt.
Cole Haan shoes.