Home & Garden

February 2024

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s what makes it a home for these featured homeowners that has created just the right fit for them and...

April 2022

A chance discovery bloomed into something great

February 2022

Six spectacular homes on the Grand Strand double as destinations designed with Southern charm

October 2021

This woodland species can be found in a number of habitats, including lowland deciduous forests, marshes, swamps, and coastal areas.

February 2020

A shrub palm valued for its hardiness the dwarf palmetto adds a tropical flair to the landscape

August 2018

This grape loves the warm and humid climate of the south.

June 2018

Beloved for its year-round foliage and gorgeous white flowers with a lemony floral scent, you know it's summertime in South Carolina when the...

February 2018

The stops on this year’s Tour Of Homes will show you how dreams can become realities and intentions from the heart really can come true!

December 2017

During the Civil War, holly was used by Southerners as a substitute for coffee and black tea

December 2016

These flowering houseplants are found natively in the coastal mountains of southeastern Brazil.

February 2015
When it comes to matching how you live with where you live, these homeowners became savvy lifestyle architects

August 2014
This makeover was made to gather family together at the beach