Jon Konkel

August 2012

Occupation: Realtor, Century 21 Boling
What I like:  I’m drawn to bright colors, three-piece suits and ties.
What I hate: Fashion trends that never seem to apply to Myrtle Beach—the Capital of Casual.
My style:  Business executive with a touch of resort casual and a small dash of preppy.
A trend I will never follow:  The Geek Chic look. Skinny jeans. Baggy clothes. The grunge look.
Signature items: My Diesel and Movado watches.
STYLE IS: an expression of oneself. Everyone’s style is unique and it communicates so much to the world about you, without you even having to say a word.
Beauty is: I truly believe that beauty is something/anything that puts a smile on one’s face and warms their heart all at the same time.  That could be the act of kindness to a stranger, a giggling baby, a sunset in the Caribbean or a day surrounded by loved ones.

Ralph Lauren jacket.
Kenneth Cole shirt.
Sweater and shoes from Banana Republic.
City of London tie.
Buckle Big Star jeans.