Michelle Cantey

August 2012
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation: Marketing/PR professional
What I like:  Classic, beautiful jewelry and well-made shoes.
What I hate: Negative energy. I think positive energy is far more productive and everyone welcomes positive energy where they run from negative energy.
My style:  During the week, my style is more professionally classy, tailored. Then I mix things up with a little quirky and unexpected when I can.
Signature items: Red Coach bag. Tiffany bean necklace. Large bracelets. Brooks Brothers navy blazer. Ray-Ban sunglasses. A string of pearls.
STYLE IS: I think one’s signature style is an extension of her personal brand and serves as a way to communicate that reflection of her personality to the public.
Beauty is: Thinking and doing for others. I think some of the most beautiful women are those who give selflessly and do for others.

Calvin Klein dress.
Steve Madden shoes.
Fascinator by Cate Ferreira of the Intercontinental Hat Company.