Darlene Rabon Lovett

August 2012
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation: Elementary education teacher, Green Sea Floyds Elementary
What I like:  Someone who has good posture and walks with confidence. Inner beauty is also very important. I am so impressed when I see a person using good manners. I like being around a person with a positive attitude.
What I hate: A really nice outfit with dirty shoes. Chipped nail polish.
My style:  Southern classic with a twist/edge.
A trend I will never follow:  Gothic. I prefer bright and cheerful, not dark and scary.
Signature items: Boots or platform shoes.
STYLE IS: knowing what looks good on you and not being afraid to wear it. Knowing how to piece together an entire look.
Beauty is: having confidence without being cocky. It is having a caring, humble heart.

Judith March dress.
Nicole shoes.
Vintage jewelry.