Nora Battle

August 2012
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation: Media Communications Manager, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
What I like:  Clothes that evoke another era in time, even if only in minor detailing.
What I hate: Short-lived trends like gaucho pants or the bandeau top. UGGs.
My style:  Day-to-day, a professional feminine elegance.
A trend I will never follow:  You’ll likely never catch me in Lilly Pulitzer.
Signature items: Chanel red lipstick. Two long strands of pearls. A cropped black blazer. Platform pumps or wedges. Big hair.
STYLE IS: First and foremost, it’s personality and an extension of mood and self. Secondly, it’s a tool. It’s a great way to make a powerful (and hopefully positive) impression on those around you.
Beauty is: self-confidence and the understanding that you have something to offer to your community that no one else does. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who is happy with the person they are.

Girls From Savoy Dress.
Shoes from Banana Republic.
Vintage jewelry.