Myrtle Beach's Flamingo Grill Celebrates 35 Years

December 2020
Written By: 
Harold Rohrback
Photographs by: 
Dino Thompson

Flamingo Grill celebrates 35 years as locals’ favorite

Dino Drosas and Dino Thompson have been in business together for years; (inset) Reminiscent of when Myrtle Beach was a one-hotel town, the neon sign is a classic.

Good guys really do finish first, and the owners of the Flamingo Grill are living proof. With a friendship that started 66 years ago at a family gathering and a business partnership spanning 45 years, Dino Drosas and Dino Thompson have managed to nurture and maintain a working atmosphere reminiscent of old Myrtle Beach based on respect, loyalty, honesty and a positive attitude.

Both Dinos are the sons of Greek immigrants and saw early on the possibilities and opportunities available to them. After they attended college, Drosas entered the world of stocks, bonds and mutual funds while Thompson followed his family roots and opened Dino’s House of Pancakes in North Myrtle Beach. At a Christmas party in 1974, Thompson floated the idea of becoming partners and opening a restaurant together. Drosas responded “That’s the last thing I want to do.” Fortunately, he changed his mind and Cagney’s opened in 1976. The Flamingo Grill would open nine years later in 1985. Their business relationship has endured through the years thanks to mutual respect and a heartfelt belief that service is an honorable profession. Both live by it and have a good time doing it.

On the menu is printed “Lovingly operated,” and nothing could be closer to the truth. A smile and positive attitude are the required foundation of every resume. Even though many of Myrtle Beach’s prominent residents started as busboys and waitstaff at the restaurant, the Dinos could not be prouder than of the employees who have made this their career. Take, for example, the four cooks who have been with both restaurants for 40 years each or the bartenders whose tenures range from 18-35 years. Every position is honorable and staff are treated with respect and loyalty, which is mutually returned. There have been 33 marriages over the years of employees who met while working together and every week is homecoming for prior employees, annual visitors and local residents.

In order to maintain its reputation as a locals’ favorite, Flamingo Grill has been serving some of the finest seafood and steaks on the Grand Strand. If you mention the words “Flamingo Grill” to someone, it is usually followed by “I love their Fried Lobster Bites.” The dish is as iconic as the neon sign on the building. All of the dishes are time tested or they wouldn’t be there. Simply stated, you can’t go wrong when you order. One visit and you’ll be a member of the family.

Flamingo Grill
7050 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach 
Casual dress is fine and you can call ahead for preferred seating at (843) 449-5388.