Brookgreen Gardens

January 2019

Caroline and Austin’s love story began at the perfect moment for the pair

December 2018

Seasonal favorite Nights of a Thousand Candles will light your winter nights

October 2018

At 35 years and counting, the Cheryl Newby Gallery takes the long view on people, art and taste

June 2018

At area zoos and aquariums, we can get up close and personal with our multi-legged cousins and see ourselves in their antics and unique...

June 2018

Though the city of Myrtle Beach and most of the Grand Strand’s municipalities have a relatively short recorded history, a few nearby neighbors,...

June 2018

Don’t miss Brookgreen Gardens’ new Summer Lights Festival

February 2018

From cover artists to up-and-comers, explore the Grand Strand’s diverse local music scene

December 2017

Millie Doud’s work and influence permeate the Grand Strand arts landscape

October 2017
This scavenger-hunt style game promotes creativity, community and connectedness

June 2017

Editor/Publisher Linda Ketron, the force behind The Moveable Feast literary luncheons (now in their 20th year), has published three hardcover...

June 2017

Ribbit the Exhibit heads to Brookgreen Gardens

April 2017

Heritage, the arts and award-winning creativity unite Ron and Natalie Daise