Restaurant Review

April 2015
Greg Norman’s is the place for prime rib, served in a classy-but-comfortable atmosphere

February 2015
ART Burger Sushi Bar offers great service with a refreshing menu of sushi, burgers and liquid nitrogen-infused beverages

December 2014
The Flamingo Seafood Grill took flight nearly 30 years ago and still serves dinner to the beach’s brood

October 2014
Georgetown’s River Room delivers an enjoyable dining experience

August 2014
Vintage Twelve’s “Lowcountry Twist” will make you shout!

June 2014

Clark’s offers ambience with every biteful

April 2014

Croissants consistently provides first-class dining—all day and night

February 2014

Like a trusted friend, Collectors Café never lets you down.

December 2013

Oceanfront eatery serves personality by the plateful

October 2013

Pawleys Island eatery serves up big tastes in a memorable menu

August 2013

Benny Rappa’s ever-changing chalkboard menu provides fresh Italian fare

June 2013

Salt Water Creek Café’s early bird offerings pack a punch