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December 2019
Written By: 
Julie Flanagan

Book Reviews

Sunset Lodge in Georgetown: The Story of a Madam
By David Gregg Hodges
Arcadia Publishing, $21.99
Release Date: September 2, 2019

Hazel Weisse came to Georgetown and opened the doors of the Sunset Lodge in 1936. The brothel, just three miles south of Front Street, remained open until 1969 despite being illegal. Hazel is remembered as a madam, but also as an infamous figure around Georgetown (and an avid and generous donor to a variety of charitable causes). Hazel kept strict rules that her girls had to follow, being extremely mindful of the small Southern community that surrounded her business.

Ask any longtime Georgetown resident about the Sunset Lodge and they’re sure to have a story for you. Author David Gregg Hodges did just that.

Sunset Lodge in Georgetown is told through a series of vignettes based on both facts and tales the author collected from a great number of local sources. From a dress shop owner to a hospital nurse to an optometrist to the deputy police chief, these tales offer insight, from the hilarious to the heartbreaking, of the lore surrounding the Sunset Lodge. A quick and interesting read, the book offers up stories that help the reader see Hazel for what she was—a smart businesswoman who did her best to be respectful and charitable to those around her, even if they didn’t agree with her entrepreneurial pursuits.

South Carolina: Off the Beaten Path
By Lee Davis Perry (original text by William Price Fox)
The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, $17.95
Release Date: October 31, 2019

If you’re looking for some inspiration for exploring our great state (or even just the Grand Strand), South Carolina: Off the Beaten Path has you covered. From enjoying authentic cuisine to finding the best bed and breakfast to taking in nature, the book offers suggestions (many of them not your typical tourist favorites) for traveling through each part of the Palmetto State.

Starting out with ideas for Charleston & the Surrounding Area, the book then covers the Southern Corner with the Hilton Head, Beaufort and St. Helena areas. Then you’ll travel through McClellanville up to the state line through our own Grand Strand. The Fall Line covers the geography around Aiken, Orangeburg and Darlington, and you’ll end in the Uplands & Columbia, with some special attention focused on our state capital.

Along the way you’ll be delighted by tidbits of information even the most seasoned Southerner may not know, like what kind of hog really makes the best barbecue and a short history of University of South Carolina football. Whether a local or a visitor, there is plenty to explore in our great state, and this book serves as a perfect guide.