Nicole Moore Squires

May 2011
Photographs by: 
King Street Studios

Occupation: Owner of GYPSY Boutique

What I like: Bright colors, my cowboy boots, large chunky jewelry, dresses and turquoise anything.

My style:  Vintage, Western, eclectic, bohemian-chic.

A trend I will never follow:  Black as a go-to outfit or being conservatively dressed.

Signature items:  Cowboy boots and large, chunky turquoise stone bracelets.

Style is: being able to tell the world who you are on the inside by decorating the outside.

Beauty is: being totally comfortable with who you see in the mirror. When you are comfortable on the inside you glow on the outside.  

Freeway dress
Lucky necklace, a gift from mom
Bracelet, earrings and purse from GYPSY Boutique
Charlie 1 Horse boots