Alicia Creel Bame

August 2011
Photographs by: 
King Street Studios

Occupation: Project manager for Vacation Myrtle Beach

What I like:  Being able to create my own idea of style. I like the ability to mix and match fabrics and colors and be bold enough to step out of the box.

My style:  When I am working with the youth, blue jeans, Rainbows and T-shirts are the old faithful. On other days in the business world it is all about professionalism and class.

A trend I will never follow:  I have learned over the years that “never” can be a word that will come back to haunt you so I try my best not to attach the word “never” to anything, but tube tops are a definite NO.

Signature items:  Accessories. I love finding that perfect necklace and earrings that really finish an outfit.

Style is: making a statement about yourself. It is creating your own identity.

Beauty is: Something that comes from within. It is that twinkle in the eye or the sheepish grin that makes those around you take notice.

Miss Me jeans
Top from Express
Belt from Aeropostale
Willi Smith sweater
J. Renee´ shoes from Island Shoes
Native American jewelry