Dennis Nicholl

June 2011
Photographs by: 
King Street Studios

Occupation: Head PGA Golf Professional, The Dunes Golf & Beach Club

What I like: Stepping out on a fashion limb every now and again.  Trying new styles, trying new fads, but also knowing when to move on to the next trend.  

What I hate: Wrinkled clothes, static cling, people who wear blue with black together, and cheap shoes that take too long to break in.   

My style:  Golf professional meets business casual.

A trend I will never follow:  The grungy, unkempt look with wrinkled shirts, pants/shorts hanging off the hips, flip flops, and a hat worn the wrong way.

Signature look: I am always slightly overdressed for every occasion. You have to wear clothes anyway, so why not make a statement.

Style is: being able to find affordable, everyday clothes, coordinate them properly, and then wear them with attitude.

Beauty is: watching my daughter inherit my fashion sense. Look out world!

Shirt, pants, shoes and belt by Puma
Adidas socks
Callaway golf club and ball