Making Hope Fashionable

August 2021
Written By: 
Sam Ikner
Photographs by: 
Bobby Altman

New Directions of Horry County is hosting their annual Compassion Through Fashion fundraiser

Local designers will come together Aug. 21 to share their creations and raise funds for New Directions.

This year, New Directions of Horry County is hosting its 6th annual Compassion Through Fashion fundraiser. The event is a way for artists to make a difference through design. 

New Directions of Horry County has been serving the homeless of Horry County since 2013. Their Compassion Through Fashion event features unique, handmade designs, incorporating the talent of local artists and models to help raise awareness, promote advocacy, and raise funds. 

The fundraiser is the brainchild of Tommy Sterling, former New Directions board member. The idea came to him in 2016 after attending a fashion show that included recycled materials. 

“He made the connection between how beautiful designs made from broken, worn-out, discarded or forgotten items represented New Directions’ work with people in crisis—helping those who may feel broken, worn-out, discarded or forgotten to recover,” says Elizabeth Schlueter, organizer of this year’s event. 

Although last year’s in-person event was canceled due to COVID-19, this year, New Directions is excited to be able to offer both an in-person and streaming event on Facebook Live. Their silent auction will also be mobile this year, opening the door for more attendees than ever before. 

“We’re expecting a fantastic show this year, with more than 20 entries from local artists, creatives, groups and businesses,” Schlueter says. 

The Compassion Through Fashion fundraiser has allowed New Directions of Horry County to help more than 3,000 local people experiencing homelessness, addiction and poverty. For more information, be sure to visit their website. 

Compassion Through Fashion
August 21
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Visit website for more information and to purchase tickets.