Book Reviews - February/March 2024

February 2024
Written By: 
Ashley Daniels
Photographs by: 
courtesy of the Publishers

Southern authors worth reading

King of Nod
By Scott Fad
Published by River Grove Books
Release Date: October 10, 2023

Set on Sweetpatch Island, South Carolina, this Southern Gothic work of fiction is centered on Boo Taylor, who is surrounded by the island’s marshes, beaches, rich history, and frightening secrets he grew up with.
Boo returns to his hometown stomping grounds on Sweetpatch after the news of his father’s suspicious death and after Boo ran away from the island 20 years ago in 1971 to escape past friends, enemies, and a long-forsaken love of his youth. Now he is forced to face these ghosts of bigotry, violence, and betrayal buried under Sweetpatch’s touristy golf courses and luxury hotels.

Over the next 700-plus pages and eight parts of this lengthy novel, King of Nod uncovers these ancient forces that have haunted the island and are rooted in a centuries-old crime. Author Scott Fad weaves detailed description into layers of time, secrets, suspense, and half-truths to unravel the island’s great mystery. Does it all lead to Boo’s redemption or his unescapable fate?

Fad is originally from Newark, Delaware, and now lives in Hilton Head. The novelist is a retired corporate executive, an accomplished artist, and a former bouncer, boxer, bricklayer, and blackbelt.

Becoming Limitless in God
Edited by Rick A. Ketchum
Self-Published, $12.99
Release Date: June 23, 2023

Becoming Limitless in God follows in God’s footsteps, from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible, to guide readers to better understand why God’s grace has always been about grace. 

Myrtle Beach-based, self-published author Rick Ketchum also challenges those who believe in Christ to look into how we can break the chains keeping us from “becoming limitless in God” after 2,000 years of being afflicted by sin, shame, guilt, insecurity, and fear. 

In 15 chapters, Ketchum asks fellow Christians some tough questions, such as “What is the truth that sets you free?” and “Have we compromised the gospel?”

“This book is about freedom,” says Ketchum. “Do you understand that God created us for a union with Him? When we are one with God through Christ we are joined to His limitlessness. We become holy, blameless, accepted, and healed through an eternal fusion with Christ. … I wrote this book to wake us up from our Mosaic hangover and discover the truth of the gospel and who we are in Christ. We must be healed of our double-mindedness that began when man lost the true image of God and began seeing Him as the Courtroom God.”