Book Reviews - December/January 2023-24

December 2023
Written By: 
Ashley Daniels
Photographs by: 
courtesy of the Publishers

DAD: A Lifetime of Memories
By Jerry Cribb
Published by Amazon Publishing Pros
Release Date: 2023

Dedicated to the memory of his dad, Elbert, DAD captures a compilation of simple times shared by author Jerry Cribb (he self-dibs as his dad’s favorite youngest son) in the 1950s and 1960s in Myrtle Beach. Get swept away into short stories from Dad, Elbert, on fishing, camping, and ghosts, dotted with humor and serious life lessons.

We first meet Elbert, who was born and raised on a tobacco farm outside of Georgetown, South Carolina, and follow his first meeting of Cribb’s mother and his time helping in construction during World War II.  The author's chapters then reveal a collective love letter of chapters about his memories of everything from Hurricane Hazel to, the youngest of five siblings, following his dad around and soaking in his imagination and ingenuity. 

Relatable and heartfelt, DAD would make a good Father’s Day gift for other sons out there. 

The Regions of the Rice Plantation: Historic Journeys Around Georgetown and the Waccamaw River Regions
Edited by Jennie Holton Fant
Published by Class LLC
Release Date: 2023

This is the third historic account published by writer/editor/librarian Jennie Holton Fant as she shifts her sharp-eyed focus from Charleston to Georgetown and the Waccamaw River, and it’s nice to see the spotlight shine on this gem of an historic town in our local area.

Through first-hand narratives, factual research, and illustrations, readers will be transported back to the span of time between 1734 to 1875, when visiting clergy, statesmen, botanists, adventurers, and more made their appearances in the South. You will get a closer look into visits from notable figures, such as George Washington, John Davis, William Logan, and George Whitfield, to name a few.