Coastal Carolina University

February 2023

Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce establishes Partnership Grand Strand Foundation to address complex challenges and improve area’s quality of life...

December 2022

Finding the 7 geological wonders of South Carolina, one hike at a time, and why it matters.

October 2022

Fascinating stories of Grand Strand dedications

October 2022

Local resident Mona Lee brings peace and wellness to Grand Strand

October 2022

CHOPS brings a restorative outlook to Conway

August 2022

Take a walk through these solemn grounds and history will flow over you. 

June 2022

The best in kid-friendly and sophisticated reads from local authors

April 2022

Retirees and adult locals of all ages are back in class

February 2022

S.C. Maritime Museum and CCU’s Joyner Institute work to broaden the narrative

December 2021

A Day in the Life of Dr. Dan Abel, CCU’s Shark Whisperer