Strong Waters' Smokin' Oldie Cocktail


Cocktail recipe from Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen 


2 ounces Buffalo Trace (or your favorite high-end bourbon)

.25 ounces Tippleman’s Burnt Sugar Syrup (in an emergency, further caramelize 2 tbsps. brown sugar to almost burning, with just enough water to keep it liquid)

2–3 splashes of high quality bitters, such as Crude Small-Batch Bitters

1 large, fresh orange peel, 1 inch by 3 inches

1/2 cup aged dried hickory woodchips

Metal cocktail strainer

Kitchen butane torch


In a rocks glass half-filled with medium-sized ice cubes, add bourbon and orange peel. Place wood chips in an upside down cocktail strainer, place over glass. Quickly heat woodchips with kitchen butane torch until burning well and smoking, place empty glass over fire, depriving the flame of oxygen, and allow smoke to swirl between glasses for 20 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on preference. Remove empty glass, top drink with 2–3 splashes of bitters, give a quick swirl, serve.