Women in Business - 2020 - Johnny D’s Waffles and Benedicts

October 2020

Jamie Daskalis - Chef & Owner

Johnny D’s Waffles and Benedicts
3301 North Kings Highway
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 448-6789

Johnny D’s Waffles is a family-run, chef-driven breakfast and lunch restaurant. We specialize in waffles and benedicts, but our menu is creative.
I used to live in New York, but visited Myrtle Beach a few times and decided I needed a change. So, my father and I made a plan. I moved to Myrtle Beach and opened Johnny D’s on Jan. 21, 2014.

We offer a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes with your taste buds in mind. You can enjoy our food with dine-in or take-out service. All dishes are made from scratch in house, with only quality ingredients, many from South Carolina. Johnny D’s Waffles has won many awards. Aside from being named Chef Ambassador this year, if I had to tell you which award of which I am most proud, it has to be Food Network voting my Red Velvet Waffle #1 in South Carolina.

My father, Johnny D., has been in this business for over 40. We are both at the restaurants every day. My sister and brothers are also involved. My older brother, Nick, is also a graduate of the Culinary Institute and has joined us. My younger brother, John, works in the kitchen in our North Myrtle store. My sister, Maria, helps
manage, keeps the books and does our amazing social media marketing. My family is the difference.

I think Johnny D’s has impacted the community during these COVID-19 times by bringing a sense of normalcy. We have been open, even during the takeout-only period, serving the same great breakfast dishes. During the shutdown, you could still pop in and  bring home your favorite dish. Once we opened back up, locals and visitors came to eat with us because it was something they always did.

I love the Myrtle Beach community and give back any way that I can, participating in special events and fundraisers and donating my time and raffle prizes.

I am passionate about autism awareness and understanding. My sweet 8-year-old son James is autistic. He, and others like him, struggle to succeed in a world not built for them. I want to help families and individuals have an enjoyable experience in an understanding environment. We offer peace of mind when they dine with us that they are not being judged. I work to raise awareness, with autism-related information in our menus and on display in the restaurant. Johnny D’s also raises and donates money to SOS Health Care and Champion Autism Network to help our autism community in Myrtle Beach.

We are looking to open our third location in January 2021. We secured a Surfside Beach location and are excited to join the community.

I started another business last year called “Making It Delicious,” which is also the name of my cookbook. Making It Delicious is my brand for my spice blends, cookbook, clothing line and sauces. I also offer consulting services, private chef dinners and recipes on my website. To learn more, visit MakingItDelicious.com or follow me on social media: Making It Delicious.