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December 2022
Written By: 
Ashley Daniels
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Tips to achieve your New Year’s resolutions

Are you planning on ringing in the New Year with a list of resolutions to tackle? 

If so, you’re not alone. Each year, 41 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. However, only 9 percent move toward making them happen beyond what is known as “Quitter’s Day,”  January 19. 

Whether it’s a changeup in financial, health, personal, or professional habits, what are some tips that the 9 percent follow to successfully conquer their resolutions?

Set Specific Goals
It’s not only about setting specific goals, but also setting challenging goals. Research shows this leads to a higher performance rate at 90 percent! If goals are vague or more of a quick-fix (like fad diets), they’re not as motivating. For instance, if you want to lose weight next year, specifically set the number of total pounds you want to aim to lose and how many pounds per month over the spring/summer months. When you hit the ground running in these warmer months, map how many minutes you plan to walk/jog, and how many days per week.

Make a Realistic Plan
Take those specific goals you’ve set a step further by making a realistic plan. Be honest with your current lifestyle and don’t make a plan to completely overhaul it, which could only set yourself up for disappointment. Instead, your strategy should involve making small changes over radical ones, such as completely cutting out carbs. Start by cutting out carbs at certain mealtimes, on certain days of the week. These smaller goals aren’t smaller in power, they will actually gain momentum and lead to bigger, lasting changes. Once these smaller “chunks” of goals are met by the deadlines you’ve made, move on to the next one.

Set Goals You Really Care About
Don’t let trending resolutions or others’ goals you see posted on social media influence your own… Set goals you have a passion for! Otherwise, if you don’t want it, there’s more of a chance you won’t see it through – especially when obstacles pop up along the way.

Ask yourself: How bad do I want this from the start? And is it worth it for me in the end?

Ask Yourself Some Honest Questions. Extend those questions even further to really check in with yourself before you take action with your chosen resolutions.

Ask yourself:
■ Why do I want to achieve this resolution?
■ Why do I need to achieve this resolution?
■ What do I need to give up to achieve this resolution?
■ Will it all be worth it in the end?

Get a Support System
It’s true that there is strength in numbers, especially when you are embarking on a personal challenge.To bolster your motivation and stay committed, ask your friends and family for help, feedback, and accountability along the way.