Sherry Baby!

February 2015
Written By: 
Paul Grimshaw
Photographs by: 
Mac Kilduff
Chive Blossom Cafe mixes an exotic new cocktail

At the helm as manager and main bartender since Chive Blossom Cafe’s opening six years ago, Natasha Sprinkle has always had a flare for the exotic. “We had gathered an extensive list of sherries, which in itself is unusual,” said Sprinkle. “So in October I added this Sherry Cobbler cocktail to our regular menu, and people seem to really like it.”

Light, effervescent and slightly fruity, the cocktail mixes the unmistakable flavor of sherry (a distilled wine) with blackberries—both fresh and from blackberry brandy. We recommend you try one with dinner or try one at home.

Chive Blossom
85 N. Causeway
Pawleys Island, SC  29585



February 2015
Fill a highball glass with ice. Pour dry sherry, blackberry brandy and simple syrup into the glass. Shake well and top with club soda and garnish with fresh mint and a few blackberries.


1/2 ounce blackberry brandy
1/4 ounce simple syrup
Club soda
Blackberries and mint as garnish