Mo, the Mayor of The Market Common

August 2021
Written By: 
Sam Ikner
Photographs by: 
Jamie and Deidre Ross

Meet our 2021 Cutest Pet Contest winner!

(Clockwise from left) Mo taking a break from his patrols around The Market Common; Mo celebrates Easter with his classic tie; Mo looking stylish (and warm) in his winter coat and hat.

There was some steep competition this year, but a tie-clad English Bulldog named Mo celebrating his sixth birthday captured the hearts of Grand Strand Magazine readers.

“It was a little over seven years ago; we had a little girl bulldog named Maggie, that unfortunately left us due to cancer,” say Jamie and Deidre Ross, Mo’s parents.

“We weren’t sure if we would ever entertain the thought of getting another dog, let alone a bulldog… But we saw a photo of a puppy who immediately grabbed our attention and pulled at our hearts.”

(Left to right) When Mo heard his parents were going to get married, he made a sign to celebrate the occasion; the photo that started it all!  

Mo’s name comes from his parents' love of the New York Yankees. One of their favorite players, Mariano Rivera, goes by Mo—and the name stuck for their new addition. Mo’s full name is Mo, the Mayor of (The) Market Common, and he even has a Facebook page! Mo can often be found in one of the many shops at The Market Common on his regular patrols of the area.

“Mo must sit in the front seat,” says Jamie. “We have a little joke when we all get in the car that we are driving Miss Daisy—my wife—because she has to sit in the backseat.”

Congratulations, Mo! Be sure to give a smile and a wave (and possibly a treat) to the Mayor of The Market Common if you see him out and about.