Love at First Song

January 2016
Written By: 
Ashley Daniels
Photographs by: 
Scott Smallin

Victoria and Michael’s love was aligned before they first met one night in Florida


Victoria Dayneko and Michael King
September 5, 2015
Dunes Golf & Beach Club

The love story for some couples seems like it was pulled from a movie script—one with passion, the drama of destiny and, of course, a happy ending. Such is the story of Michael King and Victoria Dayneko.

Set in one of Michael’s favorite oceanfront restaurants in Miami, the story begins on a Sunday evening as the sun was setting on May 18, 2014.

“I was walking toward the restaurant and I heard this voice, like an angel, but singing soulful jazz,” says Michael. “I found a seat directly in front of where she was performing, but she would always look away when I looked her way. … And she was so close, she was singing over my head and closed her eyes a lot, so I stood up and started dancing in front of her while she had her eyes closed.”

“I was so shy around him!” says Victoria. “I was trying to focus on the performance and shut my eyes because he was in the front row. Then when I opened my eyes, we were almost nose to nose.”

With a second home and a real estate office in Ft. Lauderdale, Michael was a regular in the area, but had never set eyes on the professional singer that would become his wife. “I’ve been a bachelor for 49 years and dated, but never had that ‘feeling,’” he says. “But as soon as I heard her and laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight.”

Victoria had dreams of Michael a year and a half before she met him. “I believe in energy, dreams and meditation and making them come true,” she says. “I was practicing with my teacher, a soul teacher, and wrote down my dream for her.”

The dream detailed visions of a caring man close to her who had cancer. The teacher initially interpreted this to be a representation of Victoria’s father, who did not have cancer. Michael did, however, at the time she had this dream; he has since been living throat cancer-free.

Seven months later, in the Christmas season of 2014, Victoria and Michael flew to New York City, where he proposed in Central Park during a romantic carriage ride.

Victoria said “I do,” of course, and a sprint to the finish line started quickly to plan a September 5 wedding. “September 5 a year prior was the day I first told her I loved her, so that’s why that date was chosen,” says Michael.

Held outdoors at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club with the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop, the couple said their vows before 250 guests. “I had all 250 guests come up to me later and tell me that they’ve never seen a happier groom,” says Michael. “I was actually almost giddy.”

“I was really nervous, but he was not,” adds Victoria.

The gorgeous bride, a native of Moscow, found the perfect dress in her hometown, but made it even more perfect with a few of her own customized adjustments. Turns out her talents extend beyond her professional vocal scales into a past of Moscow TV spokesmodel, ballerina and gourmet chef. “I’ve also been in fashion design and I’m always changing things that I wear, so I added a fuller skirt and a long veil,” says Victoria.

Victoria had her “something blue” in the 10 stunning bridesmaids donned in royal blue gowns, as well as her groom and groomsmen in blue tuxes. “Blue is such a brilliant color in nature,” she says. “And I wanted our wedding to be classy and traditional, but intimate.”

Before the reception followed inside the country club, the newlyweds departed in a helicopter that landed on the grass, steps away from the ceremony. After a short ride along the coastline, the couple returned to celebrate with family and friends. A mix of Russian foods and Southern dishes were on the menu, as well as toasts of vodka. Victoria’s father, Valery Dayneka, once on lead vocals for a famous 1970s Russian folk band, sang the couple’s first dance.

So what’s Michael’s advice for making your own fairy tale love come true?

“Never settle,” he says. “Make sure it’s true love that you’re feeling on both sides. Many get married for the wrong reason. When you get married, you’ll be married forever.”
Michael and Victoria plan to live happily ever after in Myrtle Beach.


Key Vendors:
Venue: Dunes Golf & Beach Club
Photographer: Scott Smallin Photography
Cake: Priceless Desserts
Planner: Stunning & Brilliant Events
Music: Tru Sol