Latest Book Reviews - April/May 2024

April 2024
Written By: 
Angela Robertson & Ashley Daniels
Photographs by: 
courtesy of the publishers

Southern authors worth reading

100 Things To Do In Myrtle Beach Before You Die
By Ashley Daniels
Published by Reedy Press
Release Date: 2024, $18

Wittily penned, cannily comprehensive, and rife with “local” tips, Ashley Daniels’ 100 Things to Do In Myrtle Beach Before You Die is a fun, must-read for visitors and locals alike. 

Whether you were born on the Grand Strand, have lived here long enough to be considered local, are visiting, or planning on planting your flag here, 100 Things can be an introduction to our way of life, or serve as a refresher for residents who could use a gentle reminder of what it’s like to live at this beautiful beach or its surrounding environs.The author, a travel, lifestyle, and food writer, just to name a few of the hats she wears, is originally from Pennsylvania, and has called Myrtle Beach home for more than 20 years. She’s also a contributing editor for Grand Strand Magazine, so she knows whereof she speaks.

This book is an enjoyable, and insightful read for people seeking inspiration and information for their next adventure. Chapters cover Food and Drink, Music and Entertainment, Culture and History, Fashion and Shopping, and Sports and Recreation. 100 Things serves as a personal tour guide of sorts, the engaging entries of things to do complete with helpful phone numbers and websites, along with historic backstories, and insider tips. Whether you’re interested in scuba diving on particular wrecks off the coast, exploring Georgetown’s old plantations, taking the family to a multitude of festivals, touring an oceanfront castle, browsing art, or ambling along an underground (!) tunnel beneath Ocean Boulevard (who knew?), Daniels’ book has you covered. 

Camden and His Superpower Ears Go to a New School
By Leigh Porter Cutrone
Illustrated by Madeleine Davis
Published by Here I Am Publishing, LLC
Release Date: 2023

Dedicated to her grandson, Camden, Camden and His Superpower Ears by Leigh Porter Cutrone is an inspirational children’s book based on his life. As she says about Camden, he “reminds us just how wonderfully unique and special we are, and for showing us all that deafness does not have to stop anyone from following their dreams.” In this fictional depiction, the title character Camden creatively teaches us all about sensitivity and acceptance, as he battles a bundle of nerves about transferring to a new school. Born deaf, Camden now hears because of cochlear implants, hearing aids, and magnets on the side of his head. Would his new classmates consider these his “superpower ears,” or will they laugh and make fun? It’s a refreshing tale following Camden, as he bravely tells the class with Miss Tickle how his ears work and what it’s like being deaf.Cutrone, who lives in Myrtle Beach with her husband, writes children’s books and freelance articles for several publications.