Jump Around!

October 2016
Written By: 
Harold Rohrback
Photographs by: 
Jody MacKenzie

Rockin’ Jump trampoline park is fun for all ages

Opening the first business of its kind in South Carolina is a rare event given the large number of sports and entertainment venues available on the Grand Strand, but that is what happened on May 26, 2016, with the opening of Rockin’ Jump, an ultimate trampoline park. Located directly across the street from the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, this indoor park combines the elements of a high energy, calorie-burning workout with just plain fun.

Music, laughter and joyful screams fill the air as Dexter Mitchell walks the park. Mitchell is the General Manager and right now he can’t walk 20 feet without repeat patrons of all ages calling him by name, shaking his hand and saying “Hi.” It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon, but the place is still packed with smiling faces. All three of the birthday party rooms are full and Mitchell says that the cutoff number for jumpers is 155 per hour. Rockin’ Jump prides itself on being a family-oriented business with an emphasis on healthy fun.

The park boasts seven attractions with 40 trampolines:

Rockin’ Dunk: A series of three different height basketball hoops for kids of all ages. Just get a running start, hit the trampoline and soar toward the basket for that NBA-style slam dunk.

Dodgeball: There are two separate dodgeball areas with, of course, trampoline floors and walls so you can jump, throw and dodge at any angle and height.

Rockin’ Jump: This obstacle course tests the balance of every participant with a series of nets, rings, trampoline blocks and ropes with the punishment for failure being a drop into piles of foam blocks.

Vertical Ops: A rock-climbing wall designed to guarantee fun for all ages.

X Beam Jousting: Combatants square off on a padded beam to see who can knock the other off into a sea of foam blocks with a soft jousting pole.

Stunt Bag: Jumpers trampoline into a giant stunt bag just like in the movies.

Trampolines: For those who just want to jump.

Adults who prefer to chill while the kids have fun can relax in the Parents Lounge located next to the Rockin’ Cafe. The lounge features eight big screen TVs and plush sofas. Video cameras are everywhere in the facility and parents can download an app which allows them to monitor the video cameras and watch the kids have fun while also watching the football game.

Complete details can be found at www.myrtlebeach.rockinjump.com or call (843) 242-3264.