Hot Off the Press - April/May 2018

April 2018
Written By: 
Julie Flanagan

Book Reviews

Myrtle Beach Movies By Kathryn Cox Hedgepath
2017 - $7.99

The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival will be hosted by The Market Common this April and will feature screenings of great movies, as well as lots of fun events. But did you know that Myrtle Beach was actually the backdrop or played a part in the making or promotion of a number of well-known films? Myrtle Beach Movies explores movies that were filmed in Myrtle Beach or have a connection to the area. The book is broken down into eight separate chapters that chronicle the connection of films to the Grand Strand.

The book opens with 1967’s Don’t Make Waves. Though filming took place elsewhere, the movie (which stars Sharon Tate and Dave Draper) had its world premier right here at the Rivoli Theatre in conjunction with the Sun Fun Festival.

Another chapter is devoted to Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, which centers on a Depression-era horse diving act. The Pavilion, which was demolished in 2006, served as the backdrop for the 1991 film. Locals were recruited by the hundreds to act as extras at the diving horse shows.

The book also takes a look at the cult classic Shag, indie favorite Swimming, the Channing Tatum hit Magic Mike XXL and more. The quick read is full of interesting facts and history, making it great for movie buffs and Myrtle Beach residents alike. Be sure to check out the 13th year of the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival April 16–21. Head to for more info.

Beyond the Cabin By Dana Ridenour
2017 - Deeds Publishing - $18.95

This page-turner, set in our own backyard, follows FBI Special Agent Lexie Montgomery as she goes undercover in Pawleys Island. With the mission to investigate domestic terror acts by the Earth Liberation Front, Lexie soon finds that this case is not as straightforward as it seems. While she meets a diverse cast of characters along the way, including forging an unlikely friendship with a rough-around-the-edges boat captain, Lexie soon discovers someone in her inner circle may have revealed her undercover identity. She must figure out who it is she can really trust and work to bring those responsible to justice.

Written by an actual retired FBI agent, Dana Ridenour, it is clear that the author possesses the knowledge to make all the details of the case seem believable and based in fact since she has a strong background knowledge of FBI procedure. While the novel is a follow-up to Ridenour’s debut, Behind the Mask, enough backstory and information is provided so that the reader never feels lost, but at the same time has their interest piqued enough to want to pick up the first book. If you’re looking for a quick thriller that’s hard to put down (with the added bonus of the picturesque inlet setting) this is one for you.