Grand Strand Freedom Week - Celebrate, Learn, and Support

December 2022
Written By: 
Jess Williard
Photographs by: 
courtesy of the Carolina African American Heritage Foundation

The schedule of events celebrate and support our region’s diversity and boost local initiatives to improve the community.

The Carolina African American Heritage Foundation (CAAHF) is a multifaceted group focusing on the needs of the Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, with a special attention to alerting, informing, and educating the general public to the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders, who worked to change the injustices of segregation and discrimination in America. The foundation promotes cultural, arts, and educational programs related to the history and culture of African Americans. 

The CAAHF collaborates with local organizations and government to promote sustainable growth in Myrtle Beach, better the lives of its citizens of all races and religions, and work throughout communities to strive for a safe and healthy environment for their children. The annual Grand Strand Freedom Week celebration, aligned with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Holiday, is the destination in the Carolinas to celebrate and support our region’s rich diversity and to support local initiatives.

The CAAHF’s motto, “Collaboration to Empower Community,” will be engaged in this five-day event series geared toward education, reverence, and supporting “economic development and jobs for all.” Activities focus on music, history, and seminars aimed toward improving community perspective on cultural and heritage contributions of African Americans in building America.

Proceeds help fund CAAHF’s work supporting program advocacy, program development, and promotion designed to give positive attention to student achievement, improved graduation rates, and college enrollment, while helping with teen pregnancy prevention and youth violence prevention.

Events include the MLK Parade on Saturday,  Jan. 14, a Drum-Major Awards and Breakfast on Monday,  Jan. 16, and an Economic Development Summit on Tuesday,  Jan. 17. See website for a full event list and details.

Grand Strand Freedom Week
January 13-17. Myrtle Beach, various locations. Friday-Tuesday. Donations. (843) 903-4939,