Get Back to Your Beach Bod

April 2022
Written By: 
Ashley Daniels
Photographs by: 
Romolo Tavani; courtesy of Courtney Stone-Moore; courtesy of Julie Buckman; shutterstock users photocritical & Maridav

We offer three different perspectives on how to do it

Temperatures are rising and you may want to drop the extra bounds before you make your reappearance in your itsy-bitsy bikini on the beach this summer. It’s OK, we have you covered. 
We talked to a few women on the Grand Strand who are passionate about their workout regimen and expertise, from boot camp-style workouts to yoga to the new Peloton craze. 

Times and trends have changed, thanks to the pandemic. Take notes and see if you want to take on some of their tips for a healthier, stronger, more confident you!

Courtney Stone-Moore

Courtney Stone-Moore, Personal Trainer
75 Fitness
Anytime Fitness

What is your background & certifications? 
Three certifications through International Sports Science Association (ISSA) in Certified Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Sports Nutrition. 

(A very interesting certification that’s a trend is DNA-Based Coaching, where you master how and why clients respond to fitness based on their genetics.) 

What is the passion & inspiration behind your journey to health and wellness?
“I was inspired to work out as a little girl with famous trainer Gilad Janklowicz. Training myself personally has been a passion for over 30 years. My journey began as a passion to look good – the physical, what people see. I wanted those six-pack abs and sleek arms, but, as you get older, you discover that it’s your mental health and well-being that gets so much benefit from physical activity. You can help bring yourself out of anxiety and depression. Our bodies are built to move. … I just simply want clients to experience the happiness and self-confidence that comes along with reaching their goals. I’m 47, a mom of 3, and I can walk down the beach and have a few heads turn ... It can be done!”

What do you think are today’s big fitness trends?
“I think a big trend right now across the country is boutique gyms – smaller gyms with smaller classes, so you get a warm welcome and get to know the other gym-goers. I also feel like boot camp-style workouts will always be a big option. One thing that I do see more of and absolutely love is women lifting more weights! Whether it’s free weights, barbells, or kettlebells, I’m so glad that old way of thinking that, ‘I’m a female, I can’t lift weights because I’ll get bulky’ is gone. Lifting weights not only physically makes us all toned and beautiful, but it also strengthens the muscles and increases bone density, which will help prevent injuries. You also will have a boost in your metabolism, burn more calories, and get what I call the ‘after glow’ when you lift.” 

What are some words you live by? 
“Take it day by day. It’s an old saying, but so true ... God gave you today. Focus on your strengths, not your failures, and be proud of yourself when you show up and when you make healthy choices! It’s a journey.”

Can you share an easy, pre-summer workout for readers with us?
“In preparation for the summer, there are four exercises I would do (and that I do every day) to sculpt that summer body. (1 minute for each exercise and 3 sets each): 
1. The Plank: If you are a beginner, just hold as long as you can. Add to that time every day, even if it’s just 5 seconds. 
2. Push-ups: Modify on your knees if you have to, and then build up to full push-ups.
3. Glute Bridges: Take it full range motion with the move to build those glutes.
4. The Burpee: Add in some cardio with this explosive move to get your heart rate up and strengthen the whole body.”

Final thoughts?
“Make some time for yourself with exercise. We live in such a stressful world and everyone should try to take at least 30 minutes to do it.”

Julie Buckman

Julie Buckman, Owner
Jewelz Yoga

What is your background & certifications? 
Associate’s degree from Stevenson University in Early Childhood Education in 1998, bachelor’s degree in psychology, and currently pursuing a master’s degree in counseling. Certifications in baby and toddler yoga through Kidding Around Yoga, teen and adult yoga through Yoga Renew (a registered RYS-200 yoga school), and in meditation and mindfulness through the School of Positive Transformation. Recently founded Jewelz Yoga. 

Can you share some of the awards & accomplishments you’re most proud of?
“I’m the current titleholder of Ms. Bikini Chesapeake Fitness 2022 and will be competing this summer in the Miss Bikini U.S. model and fitness pageant in Miami. I’m also honored to be competing in this with my daughter, Lily, who is Ms. Bikini Chesapeake Model 2022. I have also won the title of Ms. South Carolina U.S. Nation 2020 and Ms. U.S. Nation 1st Runner-Up 2020. I’m represented by X-L-N-T Worldwide Modeling Agency and Warner Models. I’ve walked the runways recently in San Diego Fashion Week and will be a part of Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week in the coming months.” 

What is the passion & inspiration behind your journey to health and wellness?
“I have been working on collaborating my passions of fitness, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and sharing this with children, youth, and adults for many years. I see life as a gift and I believe that we are each a gift to this world. I hope to inspire people to overcome any challenges and limitations that they may feel are preventing them from becoming their true authentic self.  I have a deep love for positive psychology and the wisdom that comes from learning to believe in ourselves. I think that our fitness and well-being journey has to be led from within. We must overcome negative thought patterns that are preventing us from achieving our best results physically and mentally. That is the beauty of how I teach. This is how I hope to inspire my clients.”

What do you think are today’s big fitness trends?
“Many aspects of the pandemic have somewhat altered how many are choosing to work out. There are many new options online to achieve successful mind/body workouts. I like to give my clients the option to meet in person or online, as well as in group settings. I think that yoga and meditation have become much more mainstream in the realm of fitness over the last several years. I feel that the pandemic has increased our awareness of our personal health, but I also feel that many are still lacking in cultivating a deep love for working out. I want to teach others to become one with themselves in mind, body and soul while they are working out. We must not neglect the power of meditation and mindfulness.”  

What are some words you live by? 
“The words we speak to ourselves we become. I have a simple mantra that I teach my yoga kids and yogi adults: I am brave. I am smart. I am kind. I am loved. We can achieve great things when we believe in ourselves.”

Can you share an easy, pre-summer workout for readers with us?
“We are blessed to live at the beach. My advice is to simply move. … Take in the beauty of the beach and go for a run. … And for some core strengthening bikini moves, try my favorite: the Russian twist. It’s an amazing way to keep your core looking fierce. Do two to three sets of 8 to 16 repetitions. To increase intensity, hold a dumbbell, weight plate, or medicine ball between both hands, keeping the weight at chest level or tapping it to the floor each time.”

Final thoughts?
“Life’s a journey, not a destination. Incorporate fitness, yoga, and meditation into your journey and have fun with it.”  

Angela Fabbri, Marketing Consultant for CCAR, Teaching Associate for CCU, Owner of Angela Fabbri Marketing

Why and when did you purchase your Peloton? 
“In the early days of Covid as soon as lockdown hit. And, due to popular demand, I waited 8 weeks until it arrived. It was no longer a viable option to work out in-person at the gym, so given I was stuck at home, it forced my hand to make the purchase.” 

What is the passion & inspiration behind your journey to health and wellness?
“I have always been a fitness enthusiast. I enjoy running, boot camps, and paddle boarding. For me, it has never been about weight loss and I’m not into fad diets. I have found that exercise provides mental clarity and the escape from the stress of work, life, kids. There’s nothing a good sweat and boost of endorphins can’t fix. Plus, having recently turned 40, I worry about longevity and want to maintain a strong body as I age.” 

Why do you think the Peloton movement is so successful? 
“Peloton has the magic formula for home fitness. I’ve owned other at-home fitness machines and taken in-house programs, but gave up on them because they just didn’t motivate me. The Peloton instructors have an enthusiastic disposition that isn’t annoyingly perky or, worse, scolding and drill-sergeant-like. As corny as it sounds, you really do feel, when taking a cycling class, that you are part of the Peloton community when your name shows up on the leaderboard and there are thousands of people around the world taking classes at the same time. It’s addicting in a way. And the fact that it’s super high-tech and pairs with my iWatch to track heart rate, calories and gives recommended classes and accomplishment accolades make it feel like an individualized plan.” 

What are some of your favorite workouts on the system?
“I use Peloton primarily for cycling, but you don’t have to own the bike, you can still subscribe to the app and take off-bike classes. My sister-in-law uses Peloton for her daily yoga practice. They also have meditation, weight classes, stretching and more.” 

Who are your favorite instructors?
“My favorite instructor is Cody Rigsby of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fame because he doesn’t take it too seriously, yet is motivating and has an awesome sense of humor infused with each workout. I also like Ben Aldis, a Brit who used to be a DJ and has great electronic music playlists to keep me moving. Really, all of the instructors are cut from the same cloth: enlightened and positive people.”