Find Your New Best Friend at the Horry County Animal Care Center

June 2020
Written By: 
Harold Rohrback
Photographs by: 
Harold Rohrback

Companions come in all shapes and sizes

The mobile adoption trailer stays ready to roll; (inset) Longing for a new best friend.

It was a lucky day for both of them. A hopeless romantic still believes in love at first sight, and such was the case when the elderly widow saw the droopy-eared beagle mix with the bright eyes and wagging tail. After some paperwork was completed, the happy patron left with her grateful, four-legged companion to begin a new life in a new home. A warm smile came across the face of Lieutenant Justin Wyatt, Director of the Horry County Animal Care Center (HCACC), even though he sees this same scenario play out over a thousand times each year with a variety of animals and people.

The HCACC is staffed by 36 dedicated employees and volunteers whose love for animals drive them to ensure that each one receives excellent, humane treatment and a healthy environment while waiting to be placed in their future home. Because Horry County is made up of both farmland and suburban life, the residents at the center are not limited to just dogs and cats. Horses, goats, hamsters and even chickens take up temporary residency from time to time. “Finding space for the new animals is a constant challenge, because turning them away is never an option” says Wyatt.

Climacontrolled temporary residences await new arrivals.

To make connecting easier, the HCACC is going out into the community to a variety of venues and creating adoption events to showcase the animals ready for placement. They have spacious mobile adoption center trailers that park around Horry County on a set schedule or by request. All of the animals have received any necessary surgery, shots or vaccines and are ready to take home. The fees are minimal ($80 per dog and $50 per cat) and nothing else is required except identification and a loving heart.

For information on setting up the mobile center for your event or making an adoption, you can visit the website at or call (843) 915-5172. If you plan to visit in person, the HCACC is located at 1923 Industrial Park Road in Conway.

If a furry friend is missing from your life, this is a great opportunity for both you and an animal in need.