A Dream Come True for Little River's Deb Browning

February 2020
Written By: 
Harold Rohrback
Photographs by: 
Bobby Altman

A fairytale ending was worth the wait for local singer/songwriter Deb Browning

Once upon a time, a little girl with golden locks dreamed of one day being a singer. As life would have it, that dream would have to wait a while before becoming a reality. Fast forward years later to Little River, South Carolina, and Deb Browning, the mother of two grown children, is having the time of her life after writing and performing a song that has risen to the top of the beach music charts.

Browning’s mama was the first to recognize her talent and had her in piano lessons at the age of three. Browning recalls that, “I was always involved with singing in one form or another.” By the age of 14, she was the organist at her church, as well as a leader of the child and adult choirs. During this time she also started playing and teaching guitar, which would come in handy later in her musical journey.

Browning continued to sing and direct for church services and special events, all while raising a family and being a wife to her husband of 40 years, Bob. In 2001, she decided she wanted to improve her skills and took guitar lessons from a local music store owner, Mark Liberto. Liberto recognized her singing talent and needed a vocalist, so she started performing with him occasionally around Fayetteville, North Carolina, while still working in the church.

Browning started singing locally at the Officers Club in Little River several years ago and soon became a popular vocalist around town. One day, while sitting at her keyboard enjoying the serenity of the Intracoastal Waterway, she wrote a song about a Carolina girl that she named “Dancin.’” After nervously performing it for her brother and husband and receiving rave reviews, she took the tune to her old friend Liberto, who encouraged to try and have it professionally produced.

Browning went for broke and performed “Dancin’” for Gary Lowder and Tim Sidden, owners of Sand City Productions, who immediately fell in love with it. They produced the song and it has since gone to the top of nationally syndicated and local charts. Browning says, “I am so thankful and grateful to be able to live this dream, but it wouldn’t be possible without the support of my family, friends and fans.”

Browning is currently working on new songs for an album to be released in the spring. Her music can be found on Apple iTunes, Google, Amazon and all major online music streaming services. You can also keep up with her, including her local performance schedule, at debbrowningmusic.com.