Women in Business 2021 - CRG Companies

Picured above are (top row, from left) Laura Corbett, Lisa DiSabato, Dee Annechino, Catherine Hill, Rainbow Russell, Sarah Moniz, Mary Vest, Sibrena Myers, Linda Stewart and Patty Harris; (bottom row, from left) Meggin Stewart, Amanda Levy, Nicole Queen, Laura Wood, Stacey Bailey, Amanda Edgington, Randi Geddes and Christine Howard.

Please tell us about your company and what services you offer:
CRG was founded in 2010 with the vision of simplifying the home building process by integrating construction, design, and real estate into one supportive company. Our mission is to cultivate a team of professionals who work toward a common goal of providing the highest quality of homes and the best client experience possible. 

If your company had a motto (or you already do), what would it be?
One Company, Endless Possibilities. Simply put, we streamline the process of finding a new home, which truly is what sets us apart! Regardless of your new home goals, be it a resale, relocation, investment property, or new construction, we can help. By having all the different disciplines under one roof, our clients only make one call from start to finish. The result is a stress-free process saving them the hassle of working with multiple companies as well as avoiding costly mistakes. Plus, our clients benefit from our team of professionals which includes a full real estate brokerage, a full construction and home design team, as well as, the support staff needed to facilitate each stage of the process. 

Please tell us about your company’s involvement in the community/philanthropy:
We are truly focused on developing sustainable communities.This is a real area of passion for our entire team, and fortunately, we are able to align ourselves with many initiatives within our community that support the housing industry. Our goal is to serve our community in a variety of ways that help identify and assist with removing barriers to having a safe shelter.

What advice would you lend to women starting on their own?
Do it! Each experience along the way will help shape your business and who you are. If it’s something you want to try or love doing, you should go for it and remember to always invest in yourself, your team, and your community. 

What are your company’s goals for the future?
The future of CRG truly rests in our team. Together we are committed to continuing to develop new neighborhoods as well as expanding into new market segments. As always, we will achieve this by continuing to evolve with the technology of building and real estate tomaintain our focus of providing a higher standard of homes.

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