Women in Business - CENTURY 21 BOLING & ASSOCIATES

Pictured are {left to right) Conca Ender.Jane Sovetkina. Kelly Coggin. Patricia Taylor. Meghan Talbot. Yana Smith. Susan Anderson. Eleanor Becker, Cristi Morris. Jenni Austin, EmHy Shelton. Brenda Cray. Faith Kuzmin.Joanna Morgan,jama Hinson. Penny Boling Meredith Kennedy.Janet Rossi. Sara Boling Amanda Himmelsbach,jamye Crossingham. Alina 1/kaeva, Donna Benson-Todd, Suzanne Calloway. Not Pictured: April Armstrong. Christi Bessinger. Shelley Chapman. Britani Craven, Tammy Oyer. Kristi Rae Grigg Ruthie Kearns, Glinda McIntyre. Traci Miles, Arlene Smith, Rowen Yeni.

C21 Boling is 36 years STRONG! All these years of building a reputable and quality business, repeat business has grown through the generations. Clients from 36 years ago are now grandparents. Today we work with their sons, daughters. and their grandchildren. We love working with family!

C21 Boling has always stated that "we have no backyard!" Where you are or where you want to go, we've got you! We have offices in The Market Common and several oceanfront properties along the shore to serve our clients. The pandemic changed the market and so did the rising interest rates. Here at CENTURY 21 Boling, we have the experience to take our clients forward through all different types of market conditions and times.

We have over 3 decades of consistently receiving top production and quality service awards. from a 50-year-old franchise, CENTURY 21 ! Again, Experience Matters!

C21 Boling has always given back; YMCA. Ground Zero, local schools. churches, and various clubs. My favorite part of running my business is giving both men and women the opportunity and education to be in the real estate business. I've recruited 1 oo·s of agents over the past 36 years. Some have worked with me for 30 + years. some for a few months. This business is not for the faint-hearted. It's Hard Work. Determination. Patience. Persistence. Perseverance. Most of all, it can be an amazing lifestyle and career. We spend hours following the new trends, social media, market updates, and motivational speakers so all can be shared and help educate our associates.

C21 Boling has always had the TEAM concept and always will. It's not new to this business, but my team is awarded financially and also recognized for their accomplishments. Together We Achieve More!

Looking for a new career? Kids back in school? Not ready to retire? Check us out! If you LOVE WHAT YOU DO, you'll never work another day in your life.

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