Women in Business - Banton Media, Brandie Guerrero-Perez Owner

Banton Media began in 2010 as a media placement agency and quickly evolved into a full-service marketing, media, and advertising agency.

Today, Banton Media offers traditional media placement, graphic design, all forms of online advertising, 4K video production, web design/SEO, high-resolution photography, social media management, content writing, and everything in between.“

We are a small business built on small businesses, but also represent large corporate clientele as well. Our clients’ budgets start at $99 and up. No business is too small or large for us to assist,” business owner Brandie Guerrero-Perez says.

“Anything internet-related has taken over from online TV, streaming radio, entertainment, how we receive the news, family and friend connections on social media, and the list goes on,” Guerrero-Perez says. “Online advertising is the key to reaching potential customers today.” 

To better serve its clients, the company recently purchased land for a future Banton Media office building and is designing the new office to be functional and as fun as possible, allowing an excellent atmosphere for the staff to flourish and a great space that clients will enjoy visiting. 
“We want to continue helping local business owners in our backyard.” 

Guerrero-Perez and the Banton Media staff work hard to give back to the community they love.  
“Sophie & Sierra’s Place is a new nonprofit organization that we will be working with this year,” she says. The group is an animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused, neglected, abandoned dogs and cats from their current situation. It also serves as a forever sanctuary home for a limited number of horses.

“Never forget where you came from,” Guerrero-Perez says to fellow women entrepreneurs getting their start in the business world. “Those humble beginnings keep you in the right headspace. Owning a business isn’t as easy as it seems. Planning and saving are key to the start but staying connected and helping others less fortunate are gifts money cannot buy. I am God-made, not self-made.” 
She also believes that surrounding yourself with good people is essential to success. 

“Build a strong team, so nobody knows who the owner is,” Guerrero-Perez says. “If you haven’t met our fantastic team at Banton Media, please do so! We have an accomplished group of clients, and our gratitude for them is enormous. The more people we have the privilege to meet and grow with, the better.”

Banton Media
10607 Hwy 707 Suite 110
Myrtle Beach SC 29588
(843) 299-1221