Women in Business 2021 - Advanced Medical Solutions

Pictured left to right: Holly Behr, Erin Hell, and Gabriela Albuquerque

Advanced Medical Solutions is the premier provider of the newest elective and most advanced medical solutions for individuals suffering with pain that choose to avoid surgery. Our treatment protocols consistently produce fast and effective results for our patients who suffer from a variety of issues. Our unique and proprietary treatment protocols produce measurable results for numerous systemic conditions, as well as knee pain, hip pain, elbow pain, neck and back pain, neuropathy, weight loss and much more.

The women of Advanced Medical Solutions are passionate about this latest approach in medicine and agree their main concern and focus is getting patients better and working at their peak performance, all while avoiding drugs and surgery. 
We enjoy educating patients about healthy living and physical medicine. We see our patients in here a couple times a week and it really stirs up so much joy to see the physical improvements made as well as the personal victories along the way. 

One of our patients came in a few weeks ago and exclaimed, “I drove myself here!”  We are so excited for him; he is improving with every day! 

Our mission statement is: “We save and change lives by making it effortless for patients to feel better, living longer, and to get out of pain. We are the leader in natural health and medically integrated treatments. We bring exciting and innovative medical experiences to our patients. We change the world through the best holistic health care delivery system known to man.”

We want to reach everyone in the community and help them with their own victories. If you are suffering with pain, we can help you get back to everyday life. 

Our staff wants to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. After your first visit, you will understand that the support you will receive from our team is because we love what we do and work together to help change lives.

Advanced Medical Solutions
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