Sara Moyer & Christian Lara

Sat, 03/25/2017

March 25, 2017 Sara, a nurse practitioner, and Christian, a paramedic/firefighter, first crossed paths while she was working in the hospital and he brought in a few patients. He got her name from hospital paperwork and reached out to her on Facebook. They decided to meet for dinner. The pair both loved to travel and enjoyed discussing medical matters, and when Christian supported Sara throughout school she knew he must be a keeper. During a road trip to New Jersey the couple took a day to go to New York City. While posing for a picture at the observatory at One World Trade Center, Christian got down on one knee. The wedding was held at Litchfield Plantation. Sara entered in a horse-drawn carriage and the pair incorporated their love for Star Wars with socks for the groomsmen, the bride’s themed stilettos and a cake topper. The colors were blush pink, dark pink, navy blue and light gray/silver. The love and support of the couple’s families, especially Sara’s father Joe, made their perfect wedding possible. The pair lives in North Myrtle Beach. Photograph by Carl Kerridge Photography