Meredith Keeter & Mike Ritchie

Fri, 06/17/2016

Meredith and Mike met at the Carolina Improv Company, where Mike was a performer and Meredith was in the crowd. She took up improv classes and before long they were heading on their first date. They had dinner and wanted ice cream. After trying three places that were closed, they ended up at CVS on a bench outside with a pint. On the night Mike proposed, Meredith got to do all of her favorite things like a crab legs buffet, improv show, karaoke, with the two ending up outside at the CVS with ice cream. Since the bench was no longer there, Mike brought lawn chairs and proposed to Meredith. The police came shortly after and told them they can’t sit outside CVS in lawn chairs and, thankfully, no one was arrested. The wedding was held at Chapin Memorial Library and the reception was at The Myrtle Beach Train Depot. Books and knowledge are important to Meredith and Mike, so their improv friends read literary quotes during the ceremony to the couple. The couple lives in Myrtle Beach.