Lyndsey Patton & Harsha Ravuri

Sat, 06/04/2016

Lyndsey and Harsha met in Atlanta and quickly fell for one another. They dated for two years when Harsha put his proposal plan into action. He woke Lyndsey up one morning telling her he wanted to go see the sunrise on the beach. Even though she was convinced it had already risen, she begrudgingly rolled out of bed to go with him. Harsha asked her to marry him at sunrise on the beach in DeBordieu Colony and they toasted with their favorite Starbucks drinks. The wedding and ceremony were held where the couple got engaged, DeBordieu Colony. The most special part of the wedding weekend was blending the cultures, families and friends. Harsha is from India so they had a Southern wedding with a taste of India. It was important for Lyndsey and Harsha to incorporate both of their tastes so it was fun for everyone. Gold chandeliers were hung inside the tent and amazing floral arrangements were used on a mix of tables in all shapes and sizes. Lyndsey and Harsha live in Dallas.