Kelly Mcaninch & Christopher Piascik

Sat, 11/18/2017


Kelly and Chris met through family friends and fell hard and fast for each other. They both knew from the first date that this was something different. After just 10 months together, Chris proposed at their home. Neither of them are big fans of public affection, so having a private proposal was something they both appreciated. The wedding was held at Hidden Acres in Marion. The pair chose not to have a bridal party since they wanted their day to be intimate and for everyone just to have a good time. The fall wedding featured deep colors like gold and lots of flowers, including in Kelly’s hair. The couch and chairs in the reception area were a favorite design element of the bride. Although Kelly’s dad passed away almost 10 years ago, they had part of him there on their special day. She wore a silver ring of his and there were lots of pictures of him at the reception. Her brother walked her down the aisle and also danced with her during the father-daughter dance to their favorite song, “Imagine” by John Lennon. Kelly and Chris live in Myrtle Beach.