Hannah Glatki & Gregory Boisvert

Fri, 03/24/2017

Greg was Hannah’s brother’s roommate while he was in recruit class for the Myrtle Beach Fire Department. After asking her on several dates, she finally said yes. Hannah’s brother didn’t approve but finally gave in since he knew Greg was a great guy. They got engaged after seven years together. Knowing Hannah hates being the center of attention, they went to a nice Italian dinner and then Greg proposed in front of her studio in The Market Common on their way to get ice cream. The wedding at Pine Likes Country Club was “Geo” themed and was based around everyone having a good time. An airbrush artist made costumed hats for the guests and there were Moscow Mule mugs and beverages. 80 of the 150 guests said their favorite part of wedding was the 11 p.m. grilled cheeses, while the bride’s favorite part was her brother walking her down the aisle. Hannah and Greg live in Myrtle Beach.

Photograph by Magnolia Photography