Cristin Bentz & Jamie Melton

Fri, 11/04/2016

November 4, 2016

Jamie was one of the first people Cristin met when she moved to the area to take a job as Assistant GM of Tanger Outlets. Jamie is the electrical contractor on the property and the two did not even like each other at first. After getting over their rocky start, the two dated for six months before getting engaged (the same amount of time her parents, who are still together after 38 years, were together when they got engaged). Jamie took Cristin away for a surprise weekend trip to New Jersey, where she was not suspecting a proposal but maybe a night out with her girlfriends back home she had been missing since moving south. After a nice dinner, they headed into the house through the garage and as the door went up, 20 people screamed “surprise!” Cristin suddenly realized Jamie was down on one knee, and Cristin got to have an amazing night of partying with her family and friends. The ceremony was held at Boone Hall in Charleston and featured a Southern theme. Most of the guests were from up north so they got a real taste of Southern hospitality and charm.