Courtney Skelley & Christopher Baisden

Sat, 04/23/2016

Waiting tables together at Original Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Buffet, Courtney and Chris met decked out in nautical uniforms. The couple dated for five years and had a little girl named Lily. One day, Courtney went out running errands while Chris watched Lily. When she came home and opened the door, Chris was down on one knee with their daughter and asked her to marry him. The ceremony took place at Pine Lakes Country Club. The bride wanted to make sure it was a very natural wedding with no flashy colors or sparkles everywhere. Their daughter wore a cream dress with a piece of lace from Courtney’s wedding dress sewn around the waist. Courtney and Chris kept the décor very elegant and beautiful with lots of greenery and drippy flowers. Bridesmaids wore tan gowns and the groomsmen wore navy tuxedos. The couple, occasionally still waiting tables where they first met, lives in their home in Myrtle Beach.