Cara Stanfield Harrison & Michael Andrew Thompson

Sat, 11/04/2017

Michael and Cara met randomly at The Hive in downtown Raleigh. She made the first move and knew he was the one after their second date. After over two years of dating, the couple was at their favorite hotel in Savannah, the Brice Kimpton. Michael surprised Cara when he proposed by putting the ring on their giant schnauzer’s bowtie and then asking Cara to fix the bowtie when he was snapping their photo. The wedding took place at Litchfield Plantation in Pawleys Island. The bridesmaids got to pick their own unique black formal gowns. All the guests were asked to wear black formalwear for dramatic black and white pictures and to create a cohesive theme, which was The Great Gatsby meets a classic Southern wedding. Guests got to sample Kudzu pies in every flavor, as well as a caramel drip cake and all the Southern classics. Jars of pepper jelly were given as favors, the groom’s cake featured a picture of the dog with the wedding ring hidden behind his bowtie, and magnolia wreaths and flowers were incorporated throughout the entire event. The couple lives in Raleigh.