Amanda Shanks & Evan Crane

Sun, 03/21/2021

Amanda and Evan met during their grade school days in the Waccamaw School District. However, it wasn’t until Amanda’s junior year of college that they ran into one another at a local hangout. From there, their mutual love for music and the outdoors helped them ease into a relationship. Similarly to their courtship, the proposal didn’t feature a big “to-do.” For Christmas, Evan gifted her a set of beautiful opal earrings. During a New Year’s Eve party at Pawleys Island Tavern, a friend was complimenting them, when, with accidentally perfect timing, Evan asked, “How would you like a ring to go with those?” and displayed a matching opal engagement ring. Everyone in attendance was surprised, but no one more so than the bride! With the proposal on February 21st, the couple decided to opt for a smaller, quick wedding in March. The day was perfect, since it was the first day of spring, and Amanda would be able to enjoy their “COVID-19 honeymoon” over Spring Break. The wedding was an intimate ceremony at a friend’s home in Litchfield. Wedding decorations featured a wooden arbor, white chairs, and fresh flowers. The couple now resides happily in Carborro, N.C., where Amanda works as a music teacher and Evan works for the city of Carborro. 

Photograph by Hannah Altman