Alex Loomis & Cole Rateliff

Sat, 10/20/2018

Alex and Cole met at Myrtle Beach High School. Mutual friends introduced them, but their parents say they met as infants in their carriers at Flamingo Grill almost three decades ago. They began dating after spending a summer working together at the Ocean Reef. This led to 12 years together on and off, the last five of which they stayed together, most of it long distance while Alex lived in Savannah for school. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2016, they headed to Flamingo Grill to meet up with friends for drinks. They decided to go watch a band at Bourbon Street, and while driving down Ocean Boulevard Cole missed the turn and pulled up to a beach access. Instead of turning around, he turned off the car and got out. As Alex opened the door on her side, Cole was down on one knee. The wedding was held at Pine Lakes Country Club, and Alex wanted it to be very floral and Southern classic with a few unique touches, including cabbage as part of the bouquets and a gorgeous rosé champagne cabinet. Rain threatened the day, but stopped before the outdoor ceremony. One of Alex’s best friends from Wofford College married them. The pair lives in Myrtle Beach.