Alesha Selph & Madison McCoy

Sat, 06/16/2018

Alesha and Madison met at one of their favorite Myrtle Beach bars, Pulse Ultra Club. After two years together, they took a trip to New Orleans for a Tegan and Sara concert. When they were dressed up and ready for the show, they took a walk through the streets. They turned to go into Jackson Square, where a picnic had been set up. A sign reserved the space for them and as they sat down, Madison asked Alesha to watch a video on her phone. It was of her nephew asking a very important question—“Wee Wee, will you be my aunt?” Madison pulled out a ring and the pair had a celebratory picnic, complete with champagne and macaroons. The wedding was held at Hobcaw Barony, with the ceremony under the oak trees. Several shutters from Belin Church, adorned with succulents, served as the entryway to the aisle and the couple incorporated a unity painting. The theme for the day was rustic and vintage with lots of blue, green and white throughout. Succulents were spread all around the tent, including on the naked chocolate cake. Guests dined on New Orleans-style food and a photo area with props and a Polaroid was set up for snapping fun pictures. A multitude of vintage champagne glasses were given out as favors. Everyone danced their hearts out and the brides left from the boat dock during a beautiful sunset.