Dena Bissell & Brian Duncan

Fri, 08/04/2017

Dena and Brian met when she came into his office for a personal matter in 2015. Brian is an attorney, and she noticed he didn’t have any extra help. She casually mentioned she would love to be his assistant, and two weeks later he called her for the job. After running his office and life for a year and a half, things clicked for both of them that they should be together. After three months of dating, the pair was on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. The first night of the trip they went to dinner at a restaurant at the beach. Brian started asking Dena about life and if she would want to marry him if he ever asked. He then slid off the bench and onto one knee. Dena was in tears when she saw the beautiful ring. While on that trip, the pair picked their venue, colors, menu and cake. They wanted to be married as soon as possible and were engaged for just 63 days. The ceremony was held at North Beach Plantation and had a beautiful look and feel. The couple lives in Ohio.