Chelsea Tisdale & Kevin Brown

Sat, 04/15/2017

The couple met through work and dated for three and a half years before getting engaged. It was Christmas Eve and the pair had just returned home after spending the evening with their families. As unromantic as it was, the couple had decided earlier in the month that they needed a new television for the living room and agreed that would be their Christmas gift to each other. Kevin pulled an awfully wrapped gift from under the tree that hadn’t been there earlier in the day and asked Chelsea if she wanted to open a Christmas present early. She was surprised to find a small red box with the most perfect engagement ring inside. The ceremony took place at Wildberry Farm in Marion. The small personal touches were the most special part of the day. Chelsea has a background in graphic design and loves crafts, so she designed the programs and created the welcome sign. She also wanted a unique wedding favor, so she designed and created decals for stemless wine glasses. Though it took long hours and she felt she was in over her head at times, in the end it was all worth it. The couple lives in Florence.