Most Stylish 2023 - Eric Hall

Eric is wearing a Drake’s chore coat, Champion white T-shirt, J.Crew gray cotton chinos, Lemaire fisherman sandals, Drake’s bandana, and AWMS beret and socks.

Occupation: Costume design, theatre professor at Coastal Carolina University

How would you describe your style?
My style is based in classic menswear with various nods to subcultures that I am or have been a part of.  I am likely overdressed and enjoy the traditions of clothing, as well as subverting the expected every now and then. I am happy to mix “high and low”, and focus much on details and subtlety these days. You would likely find me in some kind of pants/loafer/collared shirt/jacket situation in most circumstances. I have recently embraced neckerchiefs and berets, which does make me stand out a bit.

Who is your favorite designer?
I like what Michael Hill is doing with Drake’s London. He is expanding the vocabulary of the language of classic menswear, and creating some of the most sublime color palettes and the quality is tip top.