Most Stylish 2022 - Morgan Elvis

White blouse, orange suit set, muti-colored heels, yellow glasses.

Occupation: South Carolina Nationally Accredited Victim Advocate

How would describe your style? 
I’ve never been a pattern person. I love solids so that I can tend to the details and allow myself a pop of attention in the accessories. I would describe my style as always evolving, both modern and timeless.

What do your outfits say about you?
I choose every outfit according to the event, always with intention of how I want to be portrayed or stand out. It’s important to me that no matter the event, the guest list or the location, my outfit lights up a room in both style and confidence.

What item in your closet brings you the most joy? 
I’m a woman in love with shoes. I own over 200 pairs currently, but one has stuck with me for ages. A pair of white Louis Vuitton mule-style heels with multicolor logo and gold hardware. My dad bought them for my mom when I was very little and they were stolen back and forth between myself, my mom and my sister for as long as I can recall. I remember standing in them as a little girl when I barely filled half the shoe. They remain in my closet with the matching barrel bag.