Most Stylish 2022 - Dr. Preston L. McKever-Floyd

Blue striped shirt,white Bermuda shorts, blue vest.

Occupation: Retired Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Women and Gender Studies

How would you describe your style?
My style is authentic and an integral part of who I am, reflecting my approach to life. Its basic structure was developed early from my love of world cultures, as experienced through literature, music, and cuisine. My love of literature, especially, led to a flourishing imagination and provided a place for me to explore various ways of being in the world. The elements that spoke to me most vehemently, I incorporated into my life; for example, I have worn berets and ascots since I was 15. So, the uniqueness of my style as with my approach and way I live my life are informed by a worldview not mere imitation.

Favorite store to shop:
I rarely shop, because of my height. Most of my clothes are custom-made.

What are your hobbies?
My main hobby or avocation remains a strong interest in world cultures, which is explored avidly through literature, music, and cuisine.